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lostfound_icons's Journal

I'm lost ! Do you know where I came from???
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A lot of us have icons which we don't know the makers of. We would be happy to give credit to the icon maker or origional artist if only we knew who they were...Well hopefull this will be a community where we can answer these questions and also collect together all the best, funny, popular icons on lj.


Icons you have that you do not know the maker of.
Popular icons you have seen on lj, with their makers name.
Icons where you would like to know the name of the origional artist.


Anyone can post.
Anyone can comment.
No drama.
No advertising.
No off topic posts.
This is not a place to post your icons.
Posting more than 3 icons? Please use an lj cut.
All posts need to be tagged and will be deleted after 3 days if they are not. Sorry.
You may take icons from here but please add credit if it is known who made it.

Please check through earlier posts using the TAGS HERE Your icon might already have been found ^^

lost = icons you do not know the maker of
found = icons where the maker or artist is named (If you can, add found to entries where someone has been able to supply you with an answer)
macro = contracted words such as O RLY and PLZ
unsure credit = an icon where you think you have seen 2 or more people claim credit for creating it

If you need to talk to the moderator (tiger_tyger) about anything, then leave a comment of the link below.

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